Google ads

Grow your business with Google Ads to increase your visibility. Google Ads makes it easy for potential customers to find your business when they search.

About Google Ads

He is the advertising agency of Google. Indeed, it is a Google solution that allows businesses to advertise online. For example, you can pay Google services to perform 3 main types of advertising:

  • Pay per click: Bid cost is higher when visitors click on the ad
  • Payment by printing. In this strategy, the company is charged for the number of views of its advertisement.
  • Phone call. It is a campaign that aims to prioritize phone calls.

Why Google Ads?

It offers several advantages. To know :

Increase your notoriety

It allows you to promote your products or services, your brand, your company, your website to improve your readability on the web.

Market your products or services

Google Ads allow you to increase your sales by increasing your audience.

Encourage Internet users to use your application.

The tool also allows you to advertise your application on Google to encourage Internet users to download your application or to encourage them to act in it.

Some features

The solution offers several features, including:

Smart bidding strategies

Google Ads offers an opportunity to bid for in-store conversions.

Mobile integration

Google Ads can also be integrated into smartphone apps to display advertisements in various forms on your app.

View Campaign Optimization Score

It allows you to assess the degree of optimization of a campaign.

Some disadvantages of the tool

Although the tool offers many advantages, it does have limitations.

Paid SEO

It can be expensive to position your ads in Google search results, especially when focusing on keywords.

Call on experts for campaigns.

Ads on Google are sometimes very complex to understand. You have to learn to master it to avoid mistakes not to lose a lot of money.

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