Angular JS

AngularJS is a free and open source JavaScript framework developed by Google. It allows to develop web pages.

About Angular JS

Angular JS or, more recently Angular, is a JavaScript-based front-end framework. It is used to develop web and mobile applications. Indeed, Google has implemented this Framework to facilitate the development of complex applications.

Why Angular JS?

Angular JS offers several peculiarities. We will focus on some of them.

Easy to learn

It is completely based on JavaScript. Indeed, anyone comfortable with PHP will easily adapt to Angular JS.


It has very developed and rich documentation, which allows developers to find all the necessary information quickly. For example, you can learn how to program in this language by referring to the site https://angularjs.org/.

Interactive community

Improvements are constant and regular. Thousands of developers around the world are joining to bring more to this innovative technology. So, you can easily find the answers to your questions in the online discussion forums.

Some features of Angular JS

The functionalities of this framework are as follows:

Two-way biding

Data is sent bidirectionally. What with every change does not require the need to synchronize data and therefore minimizes the risk of errors

The Observable

Angular uses observable as an interface to handle a variety of common asynchronous operations. It works with AJAX requests.

MVVM model (Model – View- View Model)

This model allows the programmer to separate the model and the view. Facilitate teamwork

Using TypeScript

The Framework makes full use of the object concept. It better manages the notion of type and generates better JS code at the end.

Some disadvantages

Angular JS has some flaws. Here they are:


The possibilities of migrating from one version to another are difficult. There are compatible retro versions.


For a beginner, TypeScript can be difficult to learn.


Angular is heavy, and the syntax is a bit complicated and many times quite verbose.



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