A solution adapted to your business. Analyze your competitors in order to better insert yourself in the market.

Competition can completely change the way you design your website. Indeed, certain sectors of activity have a strong presence on the web compared to others. To this end, before embarking on your project, take the time to read up on what your competitors are doing before you start. In this article, we’ll see why it’s important to assess the competition. We will also see what to consider when doing your assessment. And finally, we are going to give you some platforms where you can do a quick assessment.

Why evaluate the competition?

There are over 1.7 billion websites around the world. For any given industry, you will find thousands of websites offering the same services. So, to position yourself on the net, you must do better than your competitors. Below are some reasons you have to assess the competition:

The web sector is overloaded.

With the number of sites online, the competition is very stiff. You have to know your competitors to find a place for yourself.

Understand how the leaders in your sector operate

You could go faster if you adopted the successful formulas. One of the best approaches, for example, is to understand how successful people manage to position themselves.

Make a list of mistakes to avoid

You can analyze your competition’s weak spots to see what to avoid.

Anticipate changes

Monitoring your competition gives you the ability to anticipate. Indeed, your competitors can undertake strategies to reach your customers. Therefore, finding strategies to do it better is important.

Things to consider during your assessment

Some indicators can help you better understand the competition. In the following, we will talk about the most popular.

The authority of their domain name

What is the authority of a domain name?

Moz has established a factor of 0 to 100 to assess the authority of a domain name. This factor is used to define the percentage of chance that a site has to be naturally visible on search engines. The higher your domain name’s authority, the more likely you are to be found naturally on search engines.

How to assess authority?

Several online tools can help you find out the authority of a domain name. One of the tools we can suggest is Ahrefs.

The image below is an example of the result of the domain name analysis Prositeweb via Ahrefs.

How can domain name authority help you?

A company with a very high domain name authority is an example to follow. Indeed, to have a high rate, you have to do a set of things that inspire confidence. Some of these things are:

  • Write quality content
  • Build Backlinks (Sites that refer to your website with the DoFollow mention)
  • Your duration on the market
  • The quality of your website
  • Your presence on social media

On the other hand, a website with meagre authority should be avoided.

Keywords that competitors use

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