Framework 7

Framework 7 is a free and open source framework for developing mobile, desktop, or web applications with a native appearance. It is in great demand on the market, both by developers and companies.


Framework7 is a free and open-source framework. It is a mobile HTML framework that is used to develop mobile or web applications with the feel of Android or iOS. Framework7 gives the freedom to create mobile apps for Android and iOS by combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Features of Framework7

Framework7 is open-source and free. Its interface is effortless to use, with a syntax similar to jQuery. It has a built-in FastClick library, which gives it commendable speed. Sensitive, the tool integrates a grid system to organize the elements reactively. Moreover, it loads the template pages through a flexible router API, which makes it fully dynamic. Framework7, therefore, has specific characteristics that are specific to it:

  • Its material theme is quite classic as it is built on Google’s material design specs to bring pixel-perfect design.
  • It provides iOS interaction like user interface. Indeed, it was originally designed for iOS users, although later adapted for Android.
  • It’s almost a pleasure to use Framework 7. Designing a mobile app using Framework 7 is as easy as building a website. It gives the user the freedom to use HTML code with the linking of CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Framework 7 provides out-of-the-box user interface elements and widgets such as modals, pop-ups, and others. All you have to do is just drag and drop the item if you want.


Advantages of development under Framework7

  • By using Framework7, you can easily develop apps for iOS and Android without learning it.
  • This tool contains many pre-styled widgets/components. It also has built-in help libraries.
  • Framework7 does not depend on any third-party library, even for DOM manipulation. Instead, it has its custom DOM7. So, you can easily use this Framework7 with Angular and React frameworks.
  • As long as you know basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can easily use Framework7 to build applications. Besides, it supports faster development through Bower.

Some disadvantages of the tool

Framework7, like other frameworks, also has some notable drawbacks. Here are a few :

  • Poor documentation and support forums are a bit difficult to use.
  • Only iOS and Android platforms are supported.
  • Framework 7 is mostly built around the Apple environment. For this reason, themes can have a perfectible rendering on Android devices.

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