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Commission Junction (CJ) is a fairly popular platform known in the affiliate product sales industry. Indeed, it offers the possibility of finding suppliers interested in letting you sell their products on your site. So, you can find suppliers, add their products to your site, sell, and receive commissions. Being able to sync your site to CJ is not always easy. In this article, we will first see how to subscribe to CJ. Then we will discuss the Joining Commission integration process on a website. Finally, we will see the different approaches and their advantages/disadvantages.

How to subscribe to CJ Commission junction

The process of subscribing to the CJ platform is basic. We will see the steps to follow below.

Steps 1 – Have a website.

To subscribe under CJ and get approval from companies to sell their products, you need to have a website. Indeed, companies rely on your visibility on the net to promote their services/products. In return, they pay you commissions on each sale.

You will have a website giving the ability to view the product and click to be redirected to the supplier’s site.

If you do not have a site, you can consult our services in website design.

Steps 2 – Create an account under the CJ website

To create your account under CJ, you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to the website https://www.cj.com/.
  • In the right corner, click on the register.
  • On the page’s right (collaborate with internationally renowned brands), click on the register button. If you pay attention, you will notice that there are two options. Indeed, the platform gives companies the possibility (Having products) and publishers (Maybe you) to register.
  • For the rest, you will have to fill out the form to complete your profile.

You need an email address, a phone number—obviously, your first and last name.

Comment intégrer CJ(Commission jonction) sur son site Internet

Step 3: search for companies.

When you complete the account creation, you have access to thousands of companies around the world. Some of them give you the possibility to easily subscribe to their program. On the other hand, for others, there is a set of conditions to respect.

The general rule will consist of filtering in the list by fields of interest and other criteria (Country, category …) and then reading their condition. If you are satisfied, you will see a button allowing you to subscribe.

If the company you have signed up for approves you, you will have access to its products for your site. You’re going to get an email or notification about it anyway.

The integration process of Commission junction on a website

There are 4 approaches to integrating CJ on its website.

  • Synchronize the donations from your administrator section to your server. (FTP) In this case, you must work with a developer to make the configurations to import the products to your website automatically.
  • Use the API to synchronize products. CJ gives you the option of using their API to establish a connection between your website and its platform. Also, in this case, you have to work with a developer to make the connection.
  • Manually upload the product CSV file. You have access to the same data that you synchronize in CSV format. For this, you need to log into your account and download it manually.
  • Copy the links and add the products manually. For example, you can browse the list of products that interest you and manually add them to your site (one by one).

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