How to start a business of selling affiliate products? Some reference solutions

Selling affiliate products gives you the ability to sell the companies’ products on your site for a commission. In today’s article, I’m sharing a guide to get you started.

The affiliate product business is all about selling a company’s products on your site without buying any. Indeed, several large companies have found an effective strategy to increase their turnover through the affiliate program. This is an advantage for both the seller and the parent company. The purpose of this article is to show you how you can start your business by selling affiliate products. We will also give you some resources to help you in this regard.

How to trade with the business of selling affiliate products?

If you are interested in selling affiliate products, here are a few steps to follow:

Have a website or blog

To offer the products of a company via the affiliation, it is imperative to make a web platform. To better orient itself in this direction, Prositeweb Inc. can assist you in developing an e-commerce site.

Request the companies providing the products.

There is an endless list of companies offering the opportunity to an affiliate. Indeed, given the advantages that this could bring, informed entrepreneurs move more and more in this direction. To make it easier for you, we recommend that the companies’ aggregators offer the affiliate program (an agency that brings together several companies offering the affiliation in one system).

Collect the products and add them to your site.

Each solution offers its conditions about product recovery. A certain tool like https://www.cj.com/ gives you the option to connect your site for automatic updates. On the other hand, with companies like https://rakutenmarketing.com/, you must connect to their platform via the FTP connection to retrieve the products.

How does affiliate product sales work?

Over the past few years, several business owners have found that it is easier to pay a blogger a percentage of their profit than to pay for Google Ads or other campaigns. Indeed, a company that invests in marketing campaigns has no guarantee of return. Besides, these advertisements are partly done on blogs and shopping with high traffic. Alternatively, by giving a blogger or website owner the ability to offer his products to visitors, he only spends when the latter manages to generate income.

Overall, the merchant provides the blogger or site owner with a list of products with prices and content. The seller of the affiliate products displays these products as if they were the owner. With each click of a product, the buyer or visitor is written to the main supplier’s site to complete the transaction. Ultimately, to track down the origin of the purchase, vendors provide unique variables.

How to trade with the sale of affiliate products?

You must meet a set of conditions to get authorization from the provider. The company and the affiliate platforms generally define these conditions. Below are some examples of conditions to be fulfilled:

  • Have a website
  • Define a marketing strategy acceptable to the supplier
  • The traffic rate on your website must be quite considerable (The number of visitors)

Although it sounds easy, you need to have some popularity to pull yourself out of it. In other words, you play almost the same role as an influencer. On the other hand, if you have some basic marketing skills, you can use them to get people to buy through your site.

Some Resources to Start the Business of Selling Affiliate Products

Several platforms can help you get started with selling affiliate products. Here are a few that are quite popular.

Commission Junction

As the name suggests, Commission Junction is a commission crossroads. The principle is simple; you create an account on their site, select a set of companies that interests you. You are asking for approval to sell the products of these companies. Once that’s done, upload the product list to Commission Junction and upload it to your site. One of CJ’s advantages is that you can set up automatic synchronization of the product list to your site.

Rakuten Marketing

Like CJ, Rakuten Marketing gives you the ability to connect with companies providing the ability to connect with companies. You also have the option to download the products and import them to your website. One of the downsides of Rakuten Marketing is that you can’t sync in real-time.

Other solutions

  • Amazon
  • AliExpress

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