How to turn static content into dynamic content - Part 3

The purpose of this article is to show how to build a website from scratch

The goal of using WordPress is to be able to manage its content directly from the admin panel. This article explains how to turn static content into dynamic content

How to modify an installer design to make it dynamic?


The objective of this article is to be able to transform a static installation design in order to make it dynamic. That is to say, easily modifiable without going into the backend code. This article is divided into two (2) main parts which are: download and customize the theme and make the content dynamic.

Steps to Make Content Dynamic

I. Download the theme and customize it

This is the first step to take when you want to make your content dynamic. This step is to download the theme, customize the logo, and modify the basic design by creating custom pages.

  • Go download the theme used on the Start Bootstrap website (you can use design from video 2 ). Then you will modify all the functions you need while customizing them.
  • To customize the logo, you must first create a feature. Example: Empowering custom logo Set up. Then go to the header.php file and replace Start Bootstrap with a new function which allows the logo to appear. Note: custom logo retrieves the variable created in the php function, and the logo is thus defined as the image which must be imported via the customization.
  • Modify my portfolio and click on update. For this you must rreplace “Welcome to my portfolio” with the title of the page you want. Finally click on update.
  • In the basic design we had the portfolio blogs. To create a new custom page type (my portfolio), you need to install an extension called Custom Post type maker. Via the extension you will create the Portfolio page type. Note: Custom post type maker is an extension that allows you to create the custom post type. Example: This type of extension is frequently used for websites that collect testimonials or photo galleries .
  • Create a new type of page: For that you must click on Add and fill out the form to create a new type of page. When the form is completed, a new field is obtained which allows you to add an example of a portfolio.

II. Make content dynamic

The purpose of this step is to make it possible to modify its content at any time without entering the code (backend). So we can modify its content even if we have no programming skills and without the help of a webmaster.

  • To make the content dynamic, you need to go to the created theme and make php changes. For example: you can use the WordPress function called Guest post which allows you to retrieve all the portfolios from the admin panel or from the database and generate them as you go.
  • Use the WordPress function called “add section” to add the ability to make changes directly without entering the backend or code. We can also use “theme mode” which is a function of php which allows to simplify the way to modify the content. Note: You can also use the Add section and theme mode functions to add your information and make it appear on your web page.
  • To modify the contact form you can use the WordPress extension called Contact form 7 (this function is already included in WordPress). Install the Contact form 7 extension and then generate the shortcode. (Note: You can see the video on how to generate a shortcode to help you with this purpose). After generating the shortcode, you will then copy the function and paste it on your site.

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