Android Studio

Android Studio is a framework that provides the fastest and most suitable tools for building apps on all types of Android devices.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an environment that allows you to develop mobile applications on Android. The integrated development environment appeals to beginners and professionals the most with its ease of use.

Why create an Android app with Android Studio?

It is an environment that offers everything necessary for the development of an application. Indeed, it presents itself as a complete environment that includes: a code editor, an intelligent debugger, emulators, performance improvement tools, and much more. Its software is based on the IntelliJ IDEA, so it inherits all the functionality of the latter. Having experience with IntelliJ IDEA can therefore help you easily get started with Android Studio. However, have no fear. The environment is designed for easy use, even by novices. Developing with Android Studio is currently the fastest way to build high-performance, quality apps.

Useful features

Android Studio has many features that make it a complete development environment. The main functionalities can be mentioned:

Compatibility with all Android platforms

The apps you develop are fully compatible with Android phones and tablets, Android TV, Android Wear, and Android Auto.

Provision of editors

This environment provides developers with an intelligent code editor with code analysis and advanced automatic entry. It also offers a layout editor, which offers a draft mode. This editor also accepts drag and drop for a more intuitive creation of applications.

A powerful emulator

This environment offers a fast Android emulator with many features like magnetometer, virtual accelerometer, etc.

Testing tools and features

A Lint tool is used to detect problems related to application code. The environment also allows for instant code execution. Besides, the environment offers the possibility to analyze and verify the content of APK files.

Support for many languages

The environment offers many supports. For example, that of editing C / C ++ code and LLDB debugging for JNI components’ rapid creation. There is also support for Google Cloud Platform, Firebase app indexing, Firebase SDK, and Firebase Test Lab.

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