MYSQL is a database management system. Find out how it can help you boost your websites

About MySQL

MySQL is a tool that allows the consistent management of data. It is very often combined with a programming language.

Why MySQL?

There are many reasons to use MySQL

Its accessibility

MySQL is the world’s most free-to-use data manager. It’s free

His community

Due to the fact that it is Open Source, there is a very large world that uses it. Which is very useful when you want to find solutions to your problems

Its easy integration

It can be easily integrated into projects of any type. Drivers are easily found and installed depending on the language

Some features of MySQL

Why are so many people and large companies using it? What features does it offer?

SQL language similar to human language

The queries are simple, comprehensive and intuitive. The requests are made in a language very close to English, and the syntax is rather easy to remember

Possibility to create access rights

In fact, in the interests of consistency and data security, the manager can create different rights for certain people as required. Some will just have permission to view or modify and or do both

Stored procedure and functions

The operations and processing which must be done very recurrently can be stored on the server. Performance is improved because orders will no longer be analyzed each time. Indeed, the real gain in efficiency and clarity is considerable because the commands are not duplicated n times. Which leads to less dense traffic on the network

Some disadvantages

MySQL like any other technology also has its shadows. Let’s find out below its disadvantages

Mathematical calculation

Mathematical calculations are not very efficient there. Some calculations should return an error instead of ‘NULL’. As is the case with the square root of -1 or dividing 1 by 0.

Deprecated encryption

There is no real data encryption policy on MySQL compared to these cronies less free than him. It is therefore easy to obtain data quite easily by relatively simple methods.

UTF (encoding) and indexing problem

The coding of certain languages are disadvantaged according to the chosen standard (ASCII or UNICODE). Certain letters which are not represented end up being coded with 2 or more bits. This also causes difficulties when searching the data. As some letters are badly stored, the search becomes more and more tedious


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