PHP is one of the most used tools in the development of web solutions. Indeed, it offers a lot of features which make the development process quite easy. In this article, we are going to talk about PHP development and some of its advantages

About PHP

PHP is a programming language mainly used to produce dynamic websites via the HTTP protocol

Why PHP?

PHP has advantages to know:

Available on the majority of hosts

Indeed PHP is installed on many hosts, so it is easy to put your website online.

Easy to use

Any hobbyist can quickly add some dynamic features to a static site

Fairly detailed documentation

As for the problems that you would encounter in the design of your website, the documentation is quite broad and will meet your needs. In addition there are many sites that talk about it as well as support forums.

It is portable

PHP runs easily on all operating systems. It exists in particular on Windows, MAC and Linux. The operation of the code is independent of the system used for production

Some features

PHP being widely used, what are its features?

Object oriented language

PHP manages the notion of object oriented programming well. It has even become imperatively object-oriented and thus all the notions that this generates

Design pattern

Because of its maneuverability, it is easy to build a design pattern that guarantees good development practice. As is the case with the famous MVC (Controller View Model)

Connection to database managers

PHP easily integrates several database managers and has a system of prepared queries in order to secure operations including calls to databases

Some disadvantages of PHP

PHP is an easy language to boost your site quickly, but it has many drawbacks. What are they ?

Its ease

Its greatest success is also a great weakness because any novice can easily build a website. So the code produced is not clean. It is not often secure, and does not respect any programming standard and is not optimized. The code is therefore not maintainable

Rigor in the nomenclature

The nomenclature of functions is not standardized. There is no real standard.

  • Use of underscores to separate words making up a function (str_replace, mysql_real_escape_string ())
  • Functions composed of several words which are written as a single string (htmlspecialschars ())
  • Translation of to in number (bin2hex (), strtotime)

Rigor in programming

It is possible to program object-oriented and procedurally on the same project

Synchronous or asynchronous

Natively PHP is a synchronous language, that is to say it waits for a task to be completed before executing another. This could be harmful in production because a spot could block the entire operation of the entire site.



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