SEO training

Prositeweb inc. offers you the opportunity to improve your SEO knowledge to increase the visibility of your site or blog. You will thus be able to position yourself well on the search engines.

We offer SEO training to businesses and individuals. Indeed, if you want to master the tips to improve your search engines’ visibility, this training can help you. Businesses can be one step ahead of the competition. As for individuals, this is an additional skill that you can acquire.

SEO training plan

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to learn the following:

What is SEO?

It will be a question of understanding what SEO is. We will also see how this practice has become essential for companies.

How to start SEO?

We are going to talk about the tools that a beginner to use for SEO training. It will also be a question of showing beginners the ideal approach to training.

Best practices before developing a website

We will see how you can start integrating SEO before you start designing your website. Indeed, to avoid wasting time and money, you must put in place a strategy before starting your website.

What to do during website development

We will see some measures to put in place during the development of your site. In particular, we will see some aspects of development that affect your positioning in the long or medium term.

What to do immediately after site development

This part of the SEO training will allow you to understand the elements to consider once the development is complete. We will, for example, talk about the sitemap, robot files and online directories.

Keyword research

We will discuss the approaches you can use to search for keywords. It will be a question, for example, of comparing the keywords offered by different platforms. We will then see how to add these keywords to the content.

Integrate SEO into your daily strategy

What you need to do to make sure you always stay on top. SEO reports and data analysis.

Tools to plan for your SEO training

For training, you must plan the following:

a computer

To access the online training


To be able to follow the instructor

High-speed internet

The training is online and requires internet

Training software (to be provided)

We will send you the link for the software after registration

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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