Use our extension to connect your website to Captcha and social media

In order to simplify the integration of certain basic forms such as the account creation form on the front-end, the connection form, the form for newsletter or even contact, we have grouped all these forms via an extension minimalist. To ensure security, we have integrated the catcha V3 on all forms. If you are interested in using it for your projects, you will find the link below.


The purpose of this article is to show you how you can connect your site to captcha and social media without the need for programming.


Connecting your website to Captcha and social media is a relatively straightforward process that involves two (2) main steps. These steps or essentials mainly relate to the use of an extension.

So far we have added five (5) forms to the project. In the weeks or months to come we plan to add more as needed. In the description that follows, you will be able to understand how to install and use the extension.

Step 1: Install the extension to connect your site to captcha and social media

Installing the plugin on your WordPress site should follow the standard procedure. In general, there are two different options for this type of installation: manual installation and installation via the administrator panel.

Manual extension installation

Manual installation will simply consist of following these steps:

  • Recover files from the extension.
  • Use FTP access to your server.
  • Import files and activate them in the administrator panel

Installation via administrator panel

Installation via the administrator panel consists of:

  • Go to the extension tab.
  • Click on add new.
  • Import files and install it.

Once the installation is complete you can proceed to configure your extension.

Step 2: Configure the extension to connect your site to captcha and social media

The configuration of the extension is very simple and fast. We’ve made the setup process as easy as possible so you can focus on the essentials.

For the configuration, we added the “prositeforms” tab in the WordPress settings tab. When you click on this tab, you will see a set of forms to fill out. As shown in the image below, you have access to several options.

Prositeforms configuration

Here are some details of the information you need to provide to connect your site to captcha and social media:

Connection of your forms to Email Marketing tools (Fields 1 and 2)

We have in-house email marketing software that we offer to our clients. The first two fields of the form allow you to add the ID of the list and the API key. This will allow you to connect the forms with your forms for your email marketing campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about email marketing software, visit Prositeweb Email Marketing

Google Map API (Field 3)

If you would like to add the map to your site or save information such as latitude and longitude of your users, you need to add the information in the Gmap API KEY field. To get the Google Map API, visit this link .

Captcha v3 (Fields 4 and 5)

To help protect your forms from spam, we’ve included protection with Google’s Captcha V3. To get the credentials for this, you can visit the site Google.com/recaptcha.

Twilio API

Twilio is a very powerful tool for SMS marketing. With this software, you can reach more people with your activities. On the other hand, you can use Twilio to strengthen the security of your site with two-step authentication.

In addition, you can use Twilio to send the validation code via SMS to your customers. To get the credentials to be able to use Twilio, visit the link Twilio Console. We have a very detailed article on how to use Twilio to send SMS from your website; do not hesitate to visit it on our platform.


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