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Do you sometimes have difficulty using a theme? WordPress ? If so, this article will help you resolve that issue. We will elaborate on what is a WordPress CMS theme, what it is for, How to use it, and the benefits associated with its use.

A WordPress theme is a graphical content formatting template for the WordPress CMS. It is a set of files that will have the role of modifying and personalizing the overall appearance of the site, but also the layout of the content.

It can be compared to a “skin” of a website. However, for simplicity it is the same principle as with a PowerPoint presentation template. These are computer programs giving instructions relating to the formatting of the contents. They are therefore subject, like plugins, to regular updates, bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Systems management content has become one of the most popular tools for building dynamic blogs and websites thanks to its community of developers and designers. Indeed, one of the main advantages of WordPress is its management system for graphic themes.

The content of a WordPress CMS theme

A WordPress CMS theme is made up of a set of files: PHP templates, CSS style sheets, default images, scripts and functions in JS… These are all the resources allowing the WordPress engine to display your website to Internet users. The optimization of a theme is judged by the quality of the code present in its files. The more a theme is optimized, the faster it will load, for example.

Create a WordPress theme

Whether it is to create a website or to create a blog, WordPress is a premium content management system! Some even use it as a framework for other web projects.

The creation of a website with this open source CMS (Content Management System) is very common. Indeed, the ease of use of WordPress is a real asset for the developer who wants to provide his customers with a simple interface and an easy to administer site.

However, creating a website with WordPress is also very easy. This is what setting up a site could be like:

  1. Find a web host or install WordPress locally
  2. Log in as admin to the dashboard
  3. Use the default theme or choose a new theme
  4. Install some plugins / extensions if necessary
  5. Configure a sidebar and add one or more widget to it
  6. Create a home page with the Gutenberg page builder
  7. Create and manage the content layout

The choice of the WordPress theme

The choice is much more complex. Indeed, in the race for best sales, some designers include in the themes features beyond the simple framework of the appearance of the site. They thus multiply the integration of third-party plugins. This creates many maintainability and scalability issues. Not to mention the incompatibilities with specialized plugins. Also declining performance.

Installing the WordPress theme

Its installation is very simple. Just recover the file. zip which contains it and download it via the backoffice.
Unable to do so for user rights reasons, unzip the theme directly into the WordPress “theme” directory via FTP.

Model or Framework?

Due to the difficulties of obtaining quality themes, many agencies prefer to use Frameworks. This is to develop their clients’ sites themselves. These offer the possibility of easily creating a WordPress site. He thus realizes from a graphic model. This without reinventing the wheel every time. While offering great freedom to the developer.
Starting from the drawbacks of free and premium templates, custom WordPress offers the following advantages:

– A coding that meets the needs of the user, without overloading. Made in a personalized way by a competent web developer. Writing a custom WP CMS theme meets the user’s needs.
– A WordPress CMS theme with a very good level of accessibility.
– The adapted graphics.
– A unique web design


The advantages of themes on WordPress are numerous. Indeed, themes largely explain the success of the WordPress CMS: the choice between thousands of free or paid themes. However, the main advantages given by these are as follows:

  • A wide choice of free or paid themes.
  • Themes that adapt to all website themes: one-page theme to promote an application, theme on work and home, theme on cars or motorcycles, etc.
  • An ultra simple installation of themes on WordPress.
  • Extensive, easy-to-access customization options.
  • No technical knowledge is required to use a CMS WP theme.
  • Responsive themes and compatible with all browsers for the most part.

However, these also have some flaws such as the too high number of themes on the internet which makes the search for a design very complicated or the complexity of updating it. Indeed, if you have made changes to the theme files, an update of the latter will overwrite your customizations.


However, WordPress has some drawbacks. The first concerns security. It is obvious that the most reputable CMS are also the most prone to piracy. Be careful with the installation of unofficial plugins. These can be accompanied by scripts that can endanger your website. Some handling will therefore be necessary to make your site safe and secure. WordPress is not very suitable for adding dozens and dozens of plugins. Finally, and to conclude let us note that on the advantages of WordPress, know that this CMS is very appreciated by the referencers.

Using a WordPress CMS theme

A CMS WP theme gives you a ready-to-use site in seconds. Time to download the theme and install it on your blog. In addition to customizing the look of your site, a WP theme allows you not to modify CSS, HTML, or templates yourself. This saves you a lot of time and you don’t need any computer language knowledge.

In addition, developers working on WordPress made it easier to use themes by creating builders. However, we do not recommend the use of builders such as Page Builder or Visual Composer. The automatically generated code as well as the size of the files represent a real brake on the performance of WordPress sites.

In summary, a CMS WP theme acts directly on the visual rendering of a site. It is advisable to choose one adapted to your theme and to your Internet users. It is very important that your visitors like this theme, but that you like it too. If you are a beginner on WordPress, the very high number of themes on the internet will quickly complicate your task. Nevertheless, there are catalogs of paid or free themes of quality.

In WordPress conclusion , although simple and popular is a powerful, well-designed, versatile, and secure tool, provided that it is implemented and maintained by professionals. If you want to create, revamp or update your site in WordPress, do not hesitate to consult us. We are prositeweb, a team of experts equipped in website design and many others.

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