Create your vlog without using an iframe

A frame is basically an HTML tag that allows you to integrate an HTML page within another HTML. For many site owners, this is the easy way to get content from a third party site without too much programming. Although this can have advantages, it is strongly discouraged if you want to improve the performance of your website. Thanks to a little analysis done on two almost identical pages, we noticed that the loading time of a page with a frame is 13 times higher than that without a frame.

Create your blog videos without using the iFrame

If you have videos on your site using Iframes, you have certainly noticed how much this affects your performance. Indeed, Iframes add additional files to your site. As a consequence, this one has an impact on the performance of your pages. If you want to use the alternative to iFrame, you can download the source code below. It’s 100% free. Once the code is downloaded. You have two options;

Copy the JS and CSS file to the main directory of your site (If you have a site)

To create a vlog without using iFrame, once you have the file, which is in zip format. You will :


  • Extract the files and add the js and CSS files to the main directory of your website.
  • Then include these CSS / JS files on your website.
  • Finally, replace the Iframes with the base a using the URL of the video instead of the initial code.

The design is elaborate enough that you can do it without a problem.

Example: For my video – Sell everywhere with an e-commerce website. You will have to copy the URL of the video instead of the iFrame code (See image below)



Install the theme on WordPress to create a vlog without using iFrame (If you don’t have a site)

If you don’t have a site to create a vlog without using iFrame, you can install the WordPress code and start using it. The design includes the instructions to make it happen.

If you need help installing. Contact us. It would be a pleasure to assist you.

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