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We specialize in web, mobile and custom software application development. All the developers of Prositeweb inc. master the PHP development language.


PHP is one of the most widely used languages for application and website development. It allows for creating specific applications that become very interesting when they are associated with databases. Newsletter, Guestbook, comment systems, RSS feeds, and contact form are well-known examples of applications that exist thanks to PHP. In short, it allows you to create applications of all kinds. As long as you have an idea for an application, the possibilities offered by PHP are endless. As professional application developers, we build web application templates under PHP. According to your convenience, we develop solutions adapted to your profile and perfectly meet all your needs.

Why choose PHP for the development of your web application?

Currently, PHP is the most widely used programming language. It is attracting more and more web workers, whether they are amateurs or professionals. Several reasons justify the particular interest that developers have in this language. We can, for example, quote:

  • PHP is free and does not require a user license.
  • It is specifically designed for the web, so it adapts perfectly to web technology.
  • Its speed and efficiency are second to none. It displays commendable performance in runtime.
  • It is easy to learn and use and is also already integrated into many servers.
  • PHP can handle a smooth exchange of data between the server and the software.
  • It is used for creating dynamic websites, and it is perfect for data collection.
  • With PHP, one can perform all the tasks that of any CGI program.
  • A PHP script fits perfectly into an HTML page.

To learn more about PHP features and available versions, visit the official PHP page.

We are experts in web application development under PHP.


Prositeweb Inc. is an agency specializing in the development of web applications for businesses and individuals. Our team has extensive experience in web application development under PHP, while, of course, having an interest in SEO. We work with you to perfect your application while meeting the criteria of your web project. We can support you from the idea of your application to its development and deployment. All this with a strong emphasis on optimizing your web solution’s attractiveness, visual, positioning and performance.

How do we do it?

From scratch, we develop your PHP application. You might need an HTML template as a base, depending on the case. In Prositeweb Inc., the customer is at the centre of production. This is why we favour collaborative work with our customers. This allows us to understand their needs better to produce web solutions that perfectly meet their expectations. Our credo is rigour and customer satisfaction, so we involve our customers in every step of our production process to ensure that the result meets their convenience. All the processes of our production process are grouped into three main stages:

Step 1: You tell us about your idea and present your project to us.


We work with you from the first step of your project. We look at all the parameters of your business and spell out the attributes for all your needs. Finally, we present to you all our different suggestions according to your needs. We also discuss the feasibility and realization of your solution. This is where we develop the basic look and design of your app. Also, you decide on the preliminary functionalities of the solution.

Step 2: We are working on the development of your application.


On the basis established in the previous step, we activate our development process. We work with you to choose different directions to take. Indeed, it sometimes happens that certain modifications are necessary for the development phase of the project. You may also have new needs depending on the market, which may require major or minor modifications. Where appropriate, we review new perspectives with you and readjust the work to be done based on your decisions.

Step 3: We test and validate your solution.


First, we do a lot of quality and performance testing of the solution after it is developed. We then initiate other test phases, including a deployment test. These last tests are done in collaboration for the validation of the final product.

Don’t worry. Our models are SEO ready.

Since keywords are an integral part of your website content, we don’t touch them. Nonetheless, we fulfill all of your needs using the best development practices. Therefore, considerable investment in SEO is not necessary. You still have the possibility to modify the SEO section as you wish. We reassure you that the applications we develop under PHP are fully responsive. Because as you have surely noticed, many Internet users use the mobile platform for web browsing. Thus, the models we design are perfectly suited to the screens of smartphones and tablets.

No matter the size of your project, PHP can easily meet your needs and even tackle challenges that are deemed impossible at first. Rest assured, you are making an excellent choice by investing in this technology. We are entirely at your disposal for any development, construction and update of the web application under PHP. If necessary, please contact us.

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