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Prositeweb provides you with a free website design tool. In this article, we explain how you can use our software to design your site.

Our website designer software allows you to create web pages without any computer skills. Indeed, with our tool, you can, for example, use the “drag and drop” functionality or the source code. If your content is ready, you can finalize your site in under an hour.

The evolution of markets and globalization open up many possibilities for companies with a website. This is the reason why we offer you various means to set up a platform to boost your income. Our tool is free and available through the URL https://builder.prositeweb.ca/. We offer unlimited features to users with a premium account. However, for any user, the possibilities are incomparable to those of the competitors.

What is our software?

As the name suggests, it is a tool that allows you to create a website without knowledge of web development. In other words, the website builder offers an interface that is easy to use and manipulate by all types of users. Besides, with the tool, you can, for example, make use of the “drag and drop” functionality to configure your site. For people with a bit of development knowledge, HTML source code is also available. The designer is configured to let you publish your site with one click.

How does the website designer software work?

No matter your computer level, the tool is for you. Here is a tip for you to develop your website yourself without wasting time. Using our website designer allows you to choose from a multitude of website themes created by our developers. By giving you a head start on your competitors, using our website builder will provide you with technical assistance at any time. So as not to waste your time, I will now try to explain how our software works:

Building a website has never been so easy at this point in my life, without even a knowledge of HTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT… I made myself a developer in one click.

conception de site web

  • The second step is customization according to your specifications.

How to customize your site with the builder?

Does the verb PERSONALIZE scare you? Be relaxed because, with the web designer, nothing is difficult. The tool allows you to create your website as you wish. Just click on any content you want to change or customize. Drag or drop new images, add texts, videos, forms without touching the source code.


  • Finally, the last is your site’s publication or the download of your file. Zip.

What should be remembered in this step is the ease of integrating or modifying content without even wasting time on a code editor or a CMS. It’s pure “drag/drop.” What are the features offered by our tool?

The functionalities of our website designer software

Building a website used to be difficult, but thanks to our builder, things just got easier. Besides being a simple and effective tool, the software is designed not to consult any documentation to understand how it works. Therefore, if you already have your server, it is unnecessary to Host your Website with us. However, if you don’t have a server, Prositeweb Inc. will provide you with FTP credentials, which will allow you to publish your website with just a few clicks. In addition to what has been listed, our solution gives you a wide opportunity to create unlimited pages for your business. Note that the software is online, but you can use it offline by uploading your .zip file. How is using our solution beneficial for you?

The advantages of our website designer

You will notice that less are the construction tools that offer you the possibility of making your accommodation choice. With our site builder, you will have the possibility to choose your host. Besides, you could import your design, if you have a template that you prefer to use for your website, you can contact us, and we will integrate it for you. Isn’t it great to buy a theme on the market and use it without coding?

You are guaranteed that your site will be better indexed on search engines. Indeed, the tool is designed to facilitate optimization and natural referencing. On the other hand, we bring you the expertise you need to be at the forefront of research.

Our website building software remains the most popular innovative tool for its simplicity and efficiency in designing a website. Will you be spending time on the code editors? The more you simplify your tasks for your business takes off, do not hesitate to contact us at www.prositeweb.ca for your website via our tool.


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