This article helps you to better boost your website and to migrate some features to Javascript. JavaScript can also help you better optimize the performance of your website or web application.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a client-oriented language for developing web solutions. Thanks to JavaScript, HTML pages are richer and more dynamic, and have many additional features.

Why write scripts in JavaScript?

Over 90% of users have browsers that can read and interpret JavaScript. Writing scripts in this language means allowing visitors to your pages HTML to access other functionalities, other services and thus improve the professionalization and user-friendliness of a site. So, some time ago, when a visitor chose a nickname for the first time, you had to wait for a response from the server after clicking on the validation button. The server, sometimes, invited to restart the creation process in the case of nickname already taken. Whereas today, the language allows input control in the background while the user completes his file. It is therefore undeniable that JavaScript has a significant impact on the usability of a website and therefore improves visitor loyalty. JavaScript therefore allows, among other things, to make dynamic pages, interactive forms, create animation effects, etc.

The advantages of JavaScript development

With the exponential evolution of this language, it becomes almost impossible these days to speak of web programming without alluding to JavaScript. Indeed, when consulting an agency as part of the development of a website or an application, you will surely hear about the programming language during the project. This is because JavaScript has many advantages. A few are as follows:

Its compatibility and flexibility

All browsers interpret this language, it is loaded on the client side, that is to say it is executed on the browser. Given its current development, it is also possible to write JavaScript code on the server side. It allows to have an interactive website which gives visitors a better experience. The language rules are quite flexible, less strict compared to other languages. JavaScript has a very flexible object-oriented structure that differs from traditional languages in that it offers more development possibilities with an emphasis on creativity.

The speed of execution of JavaScript code, and its versatility.

JavaScript functions do not have to wait for responses from their servers to act, which speeds up the opening of websites. Scripts do not require a special program to write or interpret it. In addition, JavaScript does not take up a lot of space on websites.

The simplicity of the language and the time saving

JavaScript is relatively simple and easy to learn. A few lines of code in a script can make all the difference. JavaScript scripts save time on site development… and therefore money! A JavaScript framework is a set of applications and functionalities that simplify writing code and making it possible to produce a result that meets your needs. Their use saves significant time

The inconvenients

Although JavaScript is a language praised by developers, it does have some drawbacks:

Confidentiality and security

The most popular feature of JavaScript is that it is interpreted on the client side, allowing a considerable gain in speed. However, this client-side criterion means that the code is available on all browsers. It is therefore visible and accessible to all. JavaScript codes are therefore non-confidential.

Compatibility with browsers

The browser used and the supported JavaScript versions of it have a significant influence on the interpretation of the JavaScript code. The rendering of a script can therefore be different from expectations. It can even happen that the displayed result is directly the code of the script in the event of non-compatibility with the browser.

Not enough for full web development.

Indeed, JavaScript is more often used in addition to HTML5 code for the structure of the web page. Also, the language does not allow interaction with databases. It is therefore necessary to associate it with other languages such as PHP to manage these interactions.

What you must remember

JavaScript is a great technology to use on the web. It is easy to learn and offers some versatility. It works well with other web technology such as HTML, CSS, PHP. Also it interacts with plugins such as Flash. This language helps to create highly responsive user interfaces, avoid frustrating page load times, and even resolve support issues for CSS. In addition, the interest in this programming language is not limited to the management of browsers. The small memory footprint of scripts in JavaScript compared to other languages make this language one of the most popular on the market.


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