What is the role of a web server in site development

A web server is software that makes web pages stored on the disk accessible to many computers (clients). so when is it from LINUX SERVER?

All online websites use a web server for data storage. Indeed, they use a storage space for photos, codes, videos and other resources. In this article, we will talk about the role of a server in setting up a website. We will see the different options that can apply depending on the choices.

What is a web server?

A web server is a software that makes web pages accessible to many computers (clients). It can be physical or virtual disk space.

Physical webspace

The data is in a physical machine. In this case, you may be responsible for its management. Alternatively, you can pay an outside company to rent out this space.

Virtual webspace

It uses virtualization (non-visible space) to create partitions of a server into several virtual servers.

Which Option to choose for your website?

When it comes time to develop your website, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to options. Indeed, you have the choice between:

  • Build your web server
  • Renting a physical or virtual server
  • Fully entrust management

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. We will see together what can adapt to you.

Build your web server

You can create a server for your site by purchasing a physical machine and configuring it to point to the net. This approach can be beneficial in certain cases:

  • You have more control over your confidential data.
  • Your company can be confident that the software is well managed.
  • You have unlimited resources (You can add multiple storage spaces with the possibility of control over your resources)

This can present several drawbacks; to know:

  • You will need computers that are on 24/7. In fact, your machines must be operational at all times to allow users to consult your website continuously.
  • Management can become complex and insecure. If you don’t have a team of dedicated people, you may have a hard time managing besides, if you will be able to face multiple security attacks.
  • The cost is relatively high. To set up a web server, you have to pay for machines and have a space dedicated to them. Besides, you have to hire a person for its management. Alternatively, you need to ensure its management.

Renting a server

If you fail to build your machine, you can pay a company that does web server hosting. As advantages:

  • They will be responsible for managing their machine.
  • You can count on their technical support team.
  • With constant market information, this company can assist you with updates and security suggestions.

With this option, he can have several problems. Some of them are:

  • The confidentiality of your data and your customers. Since management is external, you do not always have control over who accesses your data.
  • The reputation of your web host can have an impact on your business. For example, a server that experiences spam problems is considered insecure by several email providers. As a result, you can see all your messages routed to the junk email list.
  • A problem with your web host may take longer to resolve. When you manage your server, you can immediately intervene if a problem. However, when the server is external, the host has more or less the free choice to manage the problems according to its policy.

Fully entrust the management of your server.

Some software development companies offer you the opportunity to focus on your website. In this case, they are responsible for taking over the entire management of the server. These companies sometimes take care of updating their software. WordPress.com, Shopify, Wix are just a few examples of this type of company. Below are some advantages:

  • You don’t have to worry about server management.
  • The security aspect is fully taken care of
  • You can save a lot of time. In managing your site, you take your time entirely to generate more sales for your business.

As for drawbacks:

  • You have less flexibility. Before committing, you should take the time to read the terms of the supplier carefully.
  • The performance of your solution is not always easy to manage.
  • The choices are limited. With a self-hosted solution, you have a plethora of options. For example, you can install almost any modern application or modify the source codes without limitation.


Whether you choose a self-hosted web server or a vendor-managed solution, you need to understand a server’s utility. As an expert, we can help you with your choice. Contact us from today.

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