What to consider before you get started in e-commerce

If you have a physical store and would like to start selling online, here are some steps to consider.

– Content for your site – Photos, descriptions
– The delivery method
– Payment method
– Technology
– Marketing channels
– Content for your site – Photos, descriptions
– The delivery method
– The payment method
– technology
– Marketing channels

Do you want to get started in e-Commerce? Before starting your project, there are a few important things to consider. In this article, we will discuss these elements. In summary, you need to think about the content for your website. On the other hand, you must consider the method of delivery, payment, and the technology to be used. Finally, you have to plan the marketing channels for advertising your store.

Write content for your site.

Before going to a developer or an agency for your website’s design, you need to think about the content for your website. The content can be the photos, videos and descriptions of your site. We will briefly talk about each part.

Photos for your online store

Photos are vital for your online store. Indeed, customers partially judge the quality of your products based on your photos. It would help if you, therefore, took the time to prepare the quality photos. Here are some recommendations for quality photos:

  • Use PNG only for logos and illustrative space.
  • JPG is preferred for product photos
  • If possible, opt for photos with a white background to better illustrate your photos. Alternatively, be sure to take photos in fairly clean photos.

Description of your products

Before you get started in e-Commerce, you must know your products better than anyone else. But; do you know the synonyms of the names of your products? Or, do you have an idea of the most searched terms?

Before writing the content, you must check the synonyms of your products (Keywords). Besides, you have to compare to get an idea of which keywords would be best to use on your site.

To find the keys

To better research keywords, here are some platforms that can help you:

  • Google – via Google, you can, for example, enter the name of your products to see the terminologies that your competitors use the most.
  • Moz – Moz gives you an idea of the synonyms of your keywords. You could also have the percentage of the search rate depending on your Target country.
  • Buzz sumo – It is an online service that allows you to find the contents which make more buzz on the internet.

Content recommendation before embarking on e-Commerce

If you want content that stands out from the competition, here are some recommendations that can help you:

  • Consider a fairly elaborate description. Indeed, search engines compare the content of websites to offer the most relevant.
  • Think about some SEO rules. – Meta elements, keyword density, word distribution in your content
  • Compare your content with those of the best competitors—your chance to be ahead of your competition increases when you offer content that stands out.

Delivery method

Before embarking on e-Commerce, you must also think about the delivery of your products. Part of what defines your reputation on the web is that you deliver on time. Therefore, you must take the time to validate with several deliverers whether they will be able to deliver your products. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • List of the suppliers in your region
  • Validate the different regions they can serve
  • Take note of delivery times.
  • Establish a text of terms and conditions that you can add to your website.

Payment method

It would help if you considered how to connect your website with your bank account. Indeed, the purpose of your website is to make sales. Your website cannot be complete without a delivery method.

Some gateways that can help better get started in e-commerce

If you are in the process of getting into e-Commerce, here are some gateways that can help you:


The solution to getting started in e-Commerce can be very decisive. For example, you will have difficulty managing your site if your solution does not create dynamic solutions. Some technologies are much more suitable for large organizations, while others give you the flexibility to manage your site regardless of your skills. Below are some of the most popular tools:

  • WooCommerce; – WooCommerce is the most popular tool used in e-Commerce design. Indeed, it is powered by WordPress and offers features that promote site design.
  • Magento – A fairly powerful solution for designing e-commerce platforms. However, few companies like it because of its complexity.
  • Shopify – Shopify’s user rate has exploded in recent years. It is a completely vendor-hosted and managed solution. You can, for example, create your site under Shopify in a few hours. Besides, you have easy access to technical support if a problem.

Marketing channels

Before starting your site, you can start by leveraging social media to promote your business. For example, you can create Facebook and Instagram pages to assess the market.


Getting into e-Commerce is not always easy. It takes preparation and setting up a set of things to avoid wasting time and money. If our advice is useful to you, you can follow us on social media. For advice or need for website design services, contact us.



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