Why Start Selling Online With The Amazon Affiliate Program?

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The Amazon Affiliate Program is a program that can allow anyone to sell online without having any products. Indeed, to increase their chances of selling more products, many companies offer an affiliate option. As professional site developers, we help businesses connect their sites to affiliate platforms. Amazon was one of the first affiliate programs offered online.

Good to know about the AMAZON affiliation!

Amazon is that American business enterprise, huge and open. It offers a wide range of products supplied by many affiliated companies. Because of her seniority, she enjoys a great deal of trust from her many clients around the world, and this is a significant asset for all the other companies that are affiliated with her because, by her popularity, she is a great PUB medium for new articles that companies offer in the electronic marketplace.

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How to become an Amazon Affiliate?


To become an Amazon Affiliate, it’s simple. You need to go to the Associate’s Program page, where you can register for free. You will be asked: your name, first name, date of birth and address; the payment method chosen to receive your commissions; the website (s) through which you will place the various links.

Study of your registration

Amazon will then study your registration and offer you to retrieve an affiliate link on each product automatically.

You can then follow your day-to-day commissions on your dashboard—Amazon affiliate / Amazon partner. , you can affiliate with any product from Amazon, be it high tech, food/condiments, sports equipment… It is important to remember that many products we found at Amazon come from suppliers like AliExpress. It is possible to see all your analyses, the number of sales you have made, what you have sold and many more.

Once Registered

As an Amazon Affiliate, you can sell any product that Amazon sells, and Amazon will give you a share of the profits.

Indeed, Amazon offers a program of affiliation which allows you to earn commissions on each sale made through different links placed on your site. The commission is established as a percentage and varies between 0% and 12%. The average is closer to 3%. This is how to set up an affiliation quickly and earn your first euros. In Attention, the affiliation works on Amazon only with qualified traffic and high enough to hope to generate interesting income.

How it works

Affiliate programs are a business arrangement where you can sign up to sell someone else’s product. When you sell the company’s product, that company gives you a share of your work’s profits. This means that you are a seller who moves products. You do it online through websites, blogs, and other media. This instead of door to door or in a retail store.

There are thousands of affiliate programs today. Amazon deserves its mention because it is a very different beast from traditional affiliate marketing programs. Once your registration is validated, you can use the search engine integrated into the affiliate area to find new products.

Nevertheless, I suggest you navigate on Amazon itself to find interesting products. As soon as you land on a product you like and want to promote, you’ll find a header at the top of the site that wasn’t there before. This header you get, among others, a long link or a short link, then a personalized clickable image in terms of dimensions, and after a couple of text + image clickable.

These elements allow you to track down the affirmation. Place them on your site to promote them. As soon as your visitor clicks on the link, their cookie will fill in and indicate that the customer came through you. If this visitor adds other products during their order, you will receive a commission according to their basket. The cookie remains valid for 24 hours only… which is not long! Except if the visitor adds the product to the cart. So, it will be valid for up to 90 days. Take note, and if the visitor clicks on another affiliate link, it is the latter who will get the commission.

Benefits of the Amazon Affiliate Business Model

There are many benefits to going full blast with building an empire of niche Amazon sites. First, people trust Amazon. They have been alive for years. Regarding the Internet, Amazon is old. For this, Amazon enjoys the great trust of its customers. Most people who leave from a niche site that can’t seem very trustworthy and go to Amazon will feel comfortable buying the product there. This is because even if they don’t explicitly trust the niche site, they trust Amazon.

The other great thing about Amazon is that it allows you to be fairly passive while still keeping your income in circulation as the Google AdSense business model. Everything is front and centre on an Amazon affiliate site, i.e. you do all the work upfront to get it off the ground.

Another advantage is that Amazon also divides its conversions. They are constantly improving their website and converting more of their traffic into customers. As an affiliate, you profit from this because people will see the winning shared test that converts the most traffic into paying customers.

Since Amazon mainly sells physical products, the affiliate also benefits.

When you bring someone to Amazon from your affiliate link, it’s okay if they don’t buy the specific product you’re selling. They can still end up buying things from Amazon, and as long as they are in that 24-hour cookie window, you will be paid a commission.


After this analysis, it emerges that AMAZON is this e-commerce company like there never was. Therefore, the Amazon affiliation is a fantastic means for those who are only taking their first steps in online businesses because they provide him with many advantages through his business model and the full confidence that all his customers provide him in the world, which guarantees complete satisfaction and promotes economic growth.


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