Your complete guide to website creation

Do you want to learn how to create a website? Here we provide a guide to help you in your process. The article that is proposed to you gives you the steps depending on the solution you have at your disposal

In the field of website creation, there are several approaches to achieve its goal. Each approach can have relatively high costs. The choice of a method can also influence management and method of use. In today’s article, we will tell you about two approaches that can allow you to create your own WordPress site. All this in our complete guide to website creation. The first approach will be to explore the use of a local server for website building. In the second part, we will see how to create it directly from a web server.

1- Choice of Server

For any website development project (especially dynamic websites) you need a server. A server is the space where you store your data. For example, you can take a computer with a hard drive as an analogy. To be able to make your site public, you need a server that points to the net. Otherwise you can create a local server. We will see how to use both approaches.

1.1 local server -Installation and configuration

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1.2 Web server – Making a wise choice

If there is no local server, (Server on your computer), you may have to use a web server. In this case, it will be a question of shopping for servers online and choosing the one that suits your needs. Before any choice of supplier, it is imperative to have in mind the technology to be used. Indeed, some technologies require more resources than others. Therefore a bad choice can have considerable consequences on the performance of your site. Below is a series of questions that may help you.

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